Getting burned out at work Exercise

March 23, 2013

A  study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology in 2012 found a staggering inverse relationship between the amount of exercise one does and that  person's risk of developing depression and burning out on the job. 

Researchers from Tel Aviv University studied 1632 workers over a period of nine years.  The participants were divided into four groups: group 1 did not exercise at all, group 2 exercised 75 to 150 minutes per week, group 3 exercised 150 to 240 minutes per week, and group 4 exercised more than 240 minutes per week.  They were monitored via routine checkups and questionnaires about every 3 years for the duration of the study. 

Those that did not exercise experienced the highest rate of burnout and depression among the participants.  Those that exercised four hours or more a week were half as likely to develop signs of burnout or depression.


Job burnout and depression: Unraveling their temporal relationship and considering the role of physical activity. J Appl Psychol, Jan 9, 2012, No pagination specified.

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