Spinal manipulation may improve irritable bowel syndrome

February 12, 2014
Spinal manipulation, or the correction of abnormal spinal motion patterns, has long been practiced in the fields of chiropractic and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  Although the techniques vary, there are many similarities between the two techniques.  In this study a group of 210 were randomly assigned to received adjustments or the drug, Dicetel, which is commonly used to treat GI pain, spasm, and transit time abnormalities.  The drug was taken 3 times daily for two weeks while the other group received 3 adjustments the first week and 2 adjustments the second week.  Pain and symptoms were evaluated using two different scales.  The results are as follows:

Outcome                               Excellent             Good            Fair            Poor
Adjustments                            88%                    10%              2%             0%
Dicetel                                     28%                    40%            11%           21%       

The study concludes:  "Displacement of intervertebral discs and/or vertebra in the thoracic or lumbar region appears to be a contributing factor in the symptoms of IBS. Correcting this displacement of intervertebral discs and/or vertebra to resolve the stimuli caused by pressure exerted on the nerves and vessels around the spine is an effective treatment for IBS."          
Irritable bowel syndrome treated by traditional Chinese spinal orthopedic manipulation. J Tradit Chin Med. 2012 Dec;32(4):565-70.

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