Wait a minute A high animal fat diet did what

September 1, 2013 
7 people were, because of multiple food allergies, placed on a diet high in beef fat. Their diet was devoid of sucrose, milk, or grains. In addition to the foods allowed they were also placed on nutritional supplements. Their triglycerides dropped from an average of 113 mg/dl to an average of 74 mg/dl. Their cholesterol dropped from an average of 263 mg/dl to an average of 189 mg/dl. Their serum percentage of HDL rose from an average of 21% to 32%. This study was reported back in 1998, yes 1998! Although this study only involved 7 people it does raise an eyebrow to the "fact" that saturated fat is bad for everyone and can cause heart disease. Of course, there are multiple studies suggesting that cholesterol by itself isn't a risk factor for heart disease.  
In fact, a guideline published in 1992 in the journal Circulation, which is published by the American Heart Association, came to three conclusions: 
1. There is a increased risk of non-cardiac diseases when cholesterol is below 160 mg/ dl. 
2. There is NO association between high cholesterol and heart disease in women. 
3. Treating high cholesterol with drugs in those that don't already have heart disease should be considered "unwise". 

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